Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pilgrimage to JC Penny

I still remember the annual school shopping event.  We lived in the suburbs of Seattle and mom would take us once a year school shopping at JC Pennys.  It was across the lake to the downtown heart of the city.  This was long before shopping became a regular entertainment event at least for the people I knew.  The next big shopping event would be for Christmas and we kids were not part of it.  I am always amazed how much things have changed!  I'm sure most teenagers cannot imagine what they would do for fun if shopping was taken off the list.

Even though where I live there are endless places one could shop for fall clothing I still do the annual event.  As you know from other posts I love the deals I find at garage sales and nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to the price.  But there is a reason why I return to JC Penneys and it is their Worthington line among the others.  There are a few reasons for this:
  • Affordable prices
  • Durable quality safe for the washer and dryer
  • Professional look
  • Most of all - Worthington pants actually fit a woman's body!
No, this is NOT me.  I wish! :)

I actually have slacks that have been worn for five years and are still in good condition.  Last year I replenished my slacks supply so have a row from black to brown to olive to tan all lined up.  This year the trek was necessary because it REALLY was time to replace my worn forever black jacket. 

The other thing I wanted to find was some straight leg black pants to go with my saddle shoes.  Guess what?  They were on sale for $15!

It gets better...there were some $2 racks.  We went wild!  Between two ladies we got 13 items at $2 each!  We didn't even look at the $10 and $12 racks that were packed.

My grand total for a jacket, pants, one skirt, and 4 blouses was less than $60!  I will continue to browse but I am really good to go for the fall and winter when added to my previous finds.  I'm still trying to figure out where I can wear my green sequin floor length dress I got for $3 at a garage sale.

Another thing that really pleased me about this years selection was in the teen section and were called  Skinny Jeans.  I love the colors!  I admit I am so tired of seeing girls wearing blue jeans all the time.  What happened to variety and dresses, skirts, and colors?  Skinny jeans come in so many colors, I think I saw at least 12 bright varieties.  With Christmas coming around the corner I know what I will be buying for the teen on my list.
For those who are realizing that it is time to put away the tank tops and see what sweaters still fit here are the popular colors for this fall:
I found this cute website for those who like to find fashion on a budget.  Uber Chic for Cheap.  As you head into the office or work place this fall it's fun to receive a compliment knowing that the outfit you are are wearing cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


Practical Parsimony said...

My daughter lives in NYC and wears tank tops all winter. She wears a sweater over them. She is her mother's child! I just add a sweater in the fall, but I wear short sleeves all year--arms too fat for sleeveless. I do have shells for wearing only in the winter with a sweater.

We shopped at Sears for clothing my mother did not make and they went back for Christmas shopping. Window shopping was the most shopping we ever did, late at night on deserted streets, and not dangerous at all back in the early 1950s.

I do love a sale, so I may see what I can see for my g-daughter. Daughter can pay for it! Most of it!

Carol Schultz said...

One thing I find difficult is that when winter comes I have to wear real shoes. I love the open shoes of summer but my feet would freeze if I tried to wear them year round.