Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are you In The Trenches? Feeling like your financial future needs an overhaul

or the choices of the past are now catching up with you? Or, have you lost your

job, home, or relationship and it's time to start over?

In The Trenches, Financial Survival During Times of Hardship is for the millions of
Americans that are starting over or just looking for a new way of doing things. The book contains stories, budgeting charts, and ideas. The great illustrations are by Cindy Gonzalez, a multi-talented local artist and musician.
It is a springboard for your future. When you run into challenges or discouragement just log into the blog and get some feedback from others facing the same issues. Or, share your own stories and viewpoints.
In The Trenches, Financial Survival during Times of Hardship is scheduled for publication soon and will be available on Amazon.com.