Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Garage Sale

Yesterday we got an invitation to a garage sale.  I say invitation because usually we spot them by the brightly colored signs and arrows that we cruise around and see on Saturday mornings.  This sale was given by a young married woman we know who it due to have a baby in two weeks.  Her father (soon to be grandpa) was on the spot to move everything, load cars, and his care of his daughter in any way that might be needed. It was very heart warming.

We attended the baby shower a couple of weeks ago and though we did not stay for the opening of all the gifts it was evident that her friends had really blessed these first time parents and the coming child. 

Though both parents are working they wanted to be prepared for the upcoming expenses, needs, and diapers.  We bought more than we needed just to be part of the effort.

Today we spent some time in the garage going through our own stack of stuff and made a designated pile to give to them to add to the sale items for the next day of the sale which might be coordinated by the husband on a day he is not working or even after the baby is born. 

There was something just good about the experience.
  • Young parents doing what they can to provide for their family.
  • Getting rid of unneeded items at low prices so that others could benefit from them.
  • A community supporting these efforts just by participating. 
I have been to enough garage sales to know that they are given for many reasons.  Yes,  the money and good deals are the goal but it is the stories behind the event that make it interesting. 


Rosemary said...

This was a great &heartwarming store. Thanks. but do you remember when the picture you have on here would NOT have been made, much less shown to the public? Things have certainly changed , haven't they? By the way, I guess you know that September is national "be prepared" month? Did you also know that the sun has spewed out another big blob that is headed our way? It is supposed to get there by tomorrow, the 3rd. One of these things just may knock out our power grid, like they keep predicting!!!

Carol Schultz said...

Seems like this is the year for babies. Every where I look there are pregnant women or newborn babes. I wasn't aware that a picture like this would not have been shown. If it is too much I didn't realize. I remember my own days of feeling and looking as big as a house with the waddle going on. Always think it's kinda cute. Among the ladies I was around while younger it was always considered an endearment to mother and child to rub the belly. lol. Now that was have a few months where the ladies would come up with a rub instead of a hug to show their affection!