Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Campbells Soup. Ummm Ummm Good

I grew up on Campbell's Soup and aways loved it.  Nothing goes better with a grilled cheese sandwich than tomato soup.  With a tuna sandwich my favorite was chicken noodle.  It is not surprising that people in many generations are familiar the company since it was founded in 1860 based on this article I located in a blog titled The Material Culture Museum :

"Nearly 150 years after its inception, The Campbell’s Soup Company remains one of the most successful food corporations in the world. It dates back to 1860 when Abraham Anderson, an icebox manufacturer, opened a canning factory in Camden. In 1869, Joseph A. Campbell, a Philadelphia produce vendor, went into partnership with Anderson and together, the two began canning and selling vegetables, condiments and other goods. By 1876, three years after Walt Whitman arrived in Camden, Anderson was out of the picture, and Campbell had taken full control of the business and renamed it the Joseph Campbell & Company."

The history of the company is quite interesting and though some might not like them I always felt an affinity with the Campbell's Soup Kids and have a set of potholders in my sewing box I need to finish now that I think of it.
Recently I did a post on my lunch choices.  Admittedly this is not the most economical way for a noon time meal but compared to the others in my office who go out to lunch each day I am saving a bundle.  Every few months I have to change it up a little as I get bored with my selection.  Imagine my delight last time I went shopping and found that Campbell's had introduced a new line of soups, and they are delicious!  I know I do get excited about little things but gratitude is one of the best ways to appreciate our lives no matter what the situation.
One of the really neat things about these soups in addition to the varieties is that they can be heated right in their bags and it only takes 2 minutes so one is not creating a line-up at the office microwave.  These are wonderful for a lunch or an addition to any dinner meal.
Ummm, Ummm, Good!



Practical Parsimony said...

We ate a little bit of Campbell's soup when I grew up. When we were ill,we were given Chicken Noodle Soup or Tomato soup. I eat about two can of each of those each year, probably less. The four new soups you show would never pass through my lips.

It takes all kind of us! Soup and sandwich was never a part of growing up, either. I think I must be the only person not fed this as a child. None of my brothers and sisters eat soup and sandwich. Neither did my parents. I suppose our raising makes the difference!

I can certainly understand how this is a good lunch option to save money and be very easy to prepare. I will look over the Campbell's soup section.

In the winter, Campbell's broth is part of my solution to illness.

Rosemary said...

This was always my favorite brand too until I learned that they gave a LOT of money to obama. I will NOT buy their soup again! I got a recipe off of you tube to make my own cream soups

Carol Schultz said...

Yes, everyone does have their own food choices and for many different reasons. I know when I quit eating pork years ago it created quite a stir and I had never realized how much pork was actually in the American diet.

Practical Parsimony said...

Why did you quit eating pork?

Carol Schultz said...

I'm trying to stick with the clean meats. Now that I have raised my own livestock I am much more aware of the difference between the carnivorous and the plant eating animals, not only because of their diet but more importantly because of their entire digestive system. Other reasons also but basically a personal diet decision and not one I to convert others into making :)