Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who is Occupy?

Occupy protesters march nationwide; 300 arrested  AP News story in Yahoo.

Many of us have heard the rumblings in the news about Occupy.  They are creating quite a national stir and I for one had not heard of them until a week ago.  So I'm posting this background from Wikipedia as a starting point for my own learning and thought you might be interested as well.  I have no feelings for or against this organization and would be interested in hearing if you do.

With the millions who have been affected and the diverse objectives of the players, as I noted in my Animal Farm post, it is not surprising that mass protesting would emerge.  What really caught my eye as I begin to read is that the founders of this group are from Canada.  What's that about?

I have written a number of posts in the Soap Box and American Economy sections that discuss where we have been and where we were headed.  In April 2010 I wrote a post titled - American Economy One Person at a Time .

Yes, there is still much to be done.  Above all I just want to express my feelings that I love this country, I grieve for this country, and I hope we can keep the integrity and courage to move forward to a strong recovery.

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