Friday, November 18, 2011

Food round up

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday so what better way to start this round up than with an article about how to put together a budget meal.   The other articles are ones I have picked up either because I thought they were funny or timely.  So hopefully there is something for everyone and will introduce or reacquaint you with some worthwhile financial blogs to add to your reading list.

The Saved Quarter...Budget Thanksgiving Dinner: 3 hours, $30, holiday meal for 8

Everyday Tips and Thoughts...My Unfrugal Confession: I Am A Food Waster (Occasionally)

Food prices are expected to go up. The drought in Texas is one reason because the agriculture industry has been hit in the billions. Optimists are saying 5% and others are saying up to 30% on some items. Regardless of what the actual numbers may end up being food is something we all need, and in many ways it is one of the expenses we have the MOST control over depending on our choices.

Fiscal Fizzle...Why I Expect 10% Food Price Inflation

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