Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pneumonia round up

I started to feel just crappy and went to the doctor.  As I suspected I had gotten pneumonia from being out in the cold too much the previous weekend.  They actually gave me a shot in the rump!  I was indignant.  This was the first one I remember having since I was six.  But, I guess I deserved it as I should have had enough sense to get in out of the cold.

Pneumonia is a strange thing.  It makes one so very weak.  Especially when combined with the codeine cough medicine.  So I am on my 4th day of sleeping and sitting.  As long as I do just those two things I tell myself I am getting better but if I get up and walk around within 5 minutes I feel weak and am coughing. 

I don't feel like reading, t.v., or talking on the phone.  Being in ones bathrobe for days though comfortable eventually makes one feel sloppy. I thought of knitting a scarf but could not find my needles.  It's amazing that one can actually just sit in a chair doing nothing and the clock continues at the same pace as when one is very busy and getting things done. And, I'm not doing much writing because my mind feels so la ti da.

The good news is that it gives one the opportunity to contemplate their life and I feel so much more thankful for my job and will be glad to get back on Monday.  I am thankful for my comfortable bed, chair, and that I can turn the heat up when I am cold.  I am thankful that I can go to the cupboard and find a can of soup. And, I'm thankful for doctors and medicine. 

One thing I have been able to do in spurts is to read other financial blogs and there is some really good stuff.  I'm surprised how many coupon blogs there are.  I'm not much into that because my goal is to stay out of the stores as much as possible.   I wish I would have thought of this sooner but as I mentioned my brain is somewhat on delayed reaction.  So here is a round up of my favorite stories so you can enjoy them also.

Going bananas on my debt: A look back at how debt-obsessed I was From Fabulously Broke. If you need to feel inspired today here is your story.

Lower Your Grocery Bill: 3 Secrets From ChristianPF . What I'm enjoying about this in addition to the post is the comments and discussion of the readers.  A number of home grown options are being reviewed.

Got $50 bucks? Green your house From Cool to Be Frugal.  Sometimes we all need a reminder to do the small practical things that can save big money.  Another thing I noticed about this blog that may be of interest to our readers is that the family is managing on one income, a feat some would say is impossible in this economy.

Thoughts For Thursday: How Do You Handle Eavesdroppers? From Kris at Everyday Thoughts and Tips.  This just brightened my day and made me chuckle which is a good thing when not feeling well.

Of course my staple diet of financial blogs are Personal Finance by the Book where Joe has just concluded his series on doing a flip house.  A daring undertaking in this economy.  Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme can be counted on to make me think and make me laugh all in the same sentence.  His book is having extreme sales as people delve into thinking about finances in a new way.  He is modest and would probably deny it but it's a tough market out there for a new author.  Once we realize that money is merely one of many tools we are free to make choices in an entirely new way.

The moral to the story is that winter is here.  If you are going to be outside...take a coat.


Practical Parsimony said...

I have never had pneumonia, but I took my first pneumonia shot two years ago. The reason? Those who take pneumonia shots have fewer sinus infections and the infections are not as bad and don't last as lon. So, I took the shot for my sinuses.

Carol Schultz said...

Yes, I'm contemplating getting one in the future. They say once one gets it they are more suseptable so a shot may be good prevention.

Flu said...

This "pneumoniae" posting, completely useful..