Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gold man

Riding the bus provides an almost daily element of interest and stories of the people in the city.  Last week was no exception.  I looked up from my book and noticed a man farther toward the front wearing a straw hat that had been spray painted gold.  Interesting but a little tacky for my tastes I thought.  As my stop came up I walked toward the front and noticed with interest that his clothes were also spray painted gold.  Hmmm.. Of course I wanted to unabashedly check him out but good manners prevented me from a full stare.  In walking past I couldn't help but glance down because I wanted to see his face.  What kind of person would wear painted clothes.  And, there it was...his face was painted gold also!

I continued to work and mentioned it to my coworkers.  "Oh yes, we have seen him downtown" they all replied.  Completely baffled I asked why would a person do such a thing?  They responded that people give him money.  Totally perplexed I had to affirm, "you mean people give him money for spray painting himself gold?"  My past 20 years in a rural area had not prepared me to even contemplate this possibility.  They assured me it was true.

I was totally impressed.  How much creativity did it take to come up with this idea?  Does one just wake up one morning and decide they want to be a gold man?  Or, was it one of those In The Trenches decisions made out of desperation of being down to ones last dollar?  Either way I had to give him credit for his ingenuity.

So are you low on money?  Get out your tablet and make a list of all the ideas that pop into your mind for making some extra money.  (Legal and moral of course)  Let gold man inspire you to new levels of creativity.  You may just come up with something brilliant.


Kris @ Everyday Tips said...

I am worried about gold man and his health. Do you think all that gold paint could be bad for him?

You are so right though- opportunity is everywhere. You just have to find a way to make it work for you.

Carol Schultz said...

Funny observation Kris. you are obviously a very practical person because the health issues of being gold would never have crossed my mind. :)