Sunday, September 12, 2010

Men are the best Ironers

I love to see men in crisp starched shirts.  Almost any man can looked like a million bucks once his shirt is pressed with heavy starch.  It just adds the air of competence and professionalism that says "Hey, I'm ready to take on the world". With so many looking for jobs and even
more who are making sure to hold on to the one they have it doesn't hurt to look your best. 

In more prosperous times it might be tempting to take your shirts to the cleaners and let them wash and press them but in these times it's time to get out the ironing board.  There is spray starch and if you really want to do it up right they still sell the gloopy kind in the jug.  The directions are on the back. 

It also might be tempting to get your wife to take on the job.  We've all heard it before, in a really nice voice it starts with "Honey, could you......"  Admit it, you've said it too.

But, I have to tell you the best ironers I know are men.  I don't know if it is instinctual or military training but they can get those creases as sharp as a knife. 

So, come on guys...look lively and save some money.  :)


Forest Parks said...

I think it's some kind of obsessive compulsion ur society breeds in us men.

Most men don't cook a whole lot but when they do they spend two straight days preparing everything..... Women are left to do all this crap daily so they don' put the same compulsion into it.

I don't iron anything as I like being a scruffy git! Weddings and Funerals you will see me with that crisp shirt and everyone says "wow haven't you grown up", ha ha!


Carol Schultz said...

lol. What's really bad is when they say "I didn't recognize you!" :)