Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hear The Sleigh Bells Ringing?

Ready for some fun? Christmas is not that far away!  And, if you want to have time to make your list and check it twice (and stay out of debt this year) it's time to get started.  So, here you go with some articles to get you in the mood.  The first one is a guest post I wrote for Christian Common Cents and the other two are from Simple Dollar and Christian PF. 
 And, have a Merry Christmas...Ho, Ho, Ho.


Everyday Tips said...

I was at Kohl's yesterday and they already have their Christmas display up!

I use the money from my American Express Blue Card to pay for a bulk of my Christmas shopping. But I do start buying around now so I can take advantage of all sales!

Carol said...

Wow. That's just strange. Thanksgiving used to be the official start of holiday shopping. Last year people were commenting on halloween Christmas displays and this year September!? I have noticed a number of blogs now have save for the holiday posts out and I think the intent on all was plan ahead and stay out of debt. Wonder if the stores have the same motive in mind. :)