Thursday, September 23, 2010

Part time job?

Joe from Personal Finance by The Book has an excellent article posted titled "Four Ways a Part Time Job Will Change Your Life Forever".     It is very persuasive and I hope you will hop over and check it out.

It reminded me of a time when I had the opportunity to work two jobs.  It started when I could not find a job so I took a part time evening job for some income until I could find a full time day job with benefits.  When I found the day job and went to turn in my resignation for the evening job my boss asked if I could stay on even if only for 5 or 6 hours a night. 

I used my day job for my regular bills and living expenses and my evening job for whatever I wanted.  I lived it up.  I bought a nice diamond ring, a computer for my son, a diamond necklace for my daughter, cash for the other son, and went out to eat whenever I wanted.  In retrospect I probably should have paid off my $15,000 mortgage or bought a new car but hey, live and learn.  I was younger then and thought the prosperous times would go on forever.  I still had a good time but I honestly worked all week, went to church on Saturday, and slept all day Sunday.  It was hard.  So I talked to my boss again and went down to three days a week.

I had just scheduled this post and then read one on Beating Broke called Are You a Peter Pan Spender?  And, I knew I was busted!  Ouch.  Again, I will mention it was a looong time ago and I still enjoy the ring.

Joe's ideas are much more practical and in the long run probably more beneficial and WILL change your life if you apply them.  Hope you check them out.


Everyday Tips said...

I ran Joe's post too, and it was a good one.

I know when I worked awhile ago, we spent a bit more frivolously too. I am most likely headed back to my old job for awhile, and my goal is to spend like I am not working and just bank what I make. (With the occasional treat, of course!)

Carol said...

Yes, some posts are just too good not to pass around!

Little House said...

I remembered back when I had to work two jobs. It was quite an experience but I wasn't in a position to save up the second income; it just went towards my monthly bills. Now, whenever I have extra income, I try and save as much of it as I can! I'll have to check out Joe's post for more tips!