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Each of us as bloggers has our unique perspective that we attempt to convey to our readers. The current buzz phrase for this is niche. It is no different in the personal finance blog world and is why I am always encouraging readers to check out multiple blogs, books, and resources before coming to conclusions. This is the best way to reach your own personalized solutions.

It’s like walking through the whole buffet line before filling your plate. When you know what’s available it is easier to pick and choose the best. Contrary to this is the person who starts filling their plate with salad not knowing that there is prime rib down the line. (Excuse me vegetarians out there.) In terms of blogs one might focus on coupon clipping, another on expense reduction ideas, and another on retirement planning and investment. All are good and worthwhile.

There are some topics that are almost universal and become core issues in dealing with personal finances and are tailored to meet the needs of the time. Five years ago it was DEBT REDUCTION. Everywhere you looked there were articles, methods, tips, and encouragement. A phrase Yahoo uses for this phenomenon is trending. It’s the hottest topics around. I’m going to be different and refer to it as:


So what is the current bandwagon issue?


Whether you want to make an extra $20 for some pocket change or be the next Millionaire Next Door starting your own business can be the answer. As the unemployment cycle peaks and the recognition that the demand for jobs is much greater than the supply we can see that there is a huge problem.

But wait! It’s not just a huge problem. It is a huge Opportunity! There are millions of talented, skilled, and competent people available to lay the foundation for a new, improved, and stronger economic base in the country. It was small businesses and family farms that made this country great in the first place.

Last night I began to write a post on this subject and when I woke up this morning I found that ChristianPF had beat me to the punch. I thought about going a different direction but realized that we all need to bring this message so it can reach as many as possible.

Are you unemployed?
Is your income lower than you feel it needs to be?



Start looking for ways to begin your own small business to supplement your income. It’s too early to tell whether it will be temporary or long-term. Nothing beats discouragement like a new focus and direction.

It will take study.
It will take effort.
There are no guarantees.
(see, this is why I can’t be a salesman or get rich quick promoter)

But, hey, what you do have is time and a willingness to work. And, of course you have talent. Somebody paid you to do something. I have always said that if I worked as hard for myself as I have done for others that I would be rich. Can you say the same thing? Today could be the day that you plant the seeds to begin your million-dollar enterprise. Today could be the day that you put pen and paper to a dream that has been in your heart for years. Today could be the day that you take the first step to being the next Millionaire Next Door.

This was my job creation idea submitted to government agencies in Dec 09.  The same principle would work with home weatherization.  Both ideas have very low start-up costs.
And, one of my personal small business stories in my learned the hard way archives :)

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