Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An American Opportunity - Community Gardens

If you have never tasted a home grown tomato or fresh picked corn now is your chance for an amazing treat.  Community gardens are in full swing and the more volunteers they have the more they are able to produce.  You don't need experience, just a willingness to get your hands dirty. If you don't want to do that garden gloves are very affordable.  Wear your sunscreen and you can get a nice tan in the process.

The benefits of a homegrown garden are many:
  • fresh vegetables,
  • meet new friends,
  • gain experience so you can grow your own garden next year,
  • beautify your community,
  • participate in the joy of watching something grow,
  • free family activity,
  • exercise, fresh air, and sunshine.
Most community gardens provide vegetables not only to those who work in them but the surplus is taken to local food banks for distribution.

I have listed a few sites below as examples of what is going on.  To find one in your community use your search engine by entering "Community Garden Your City" or contact your county extension office.   I spoke to one coordinator and found that she is developing 5 acres and this is her first year.  They have carrots, lettuce, corn, and many other varieties growing.



Unknown said...

Our local school started a community garden last year and it's taken off like gangbusters! It was a huge endeavor but amazing how quick it came together and is supported. Next spring I will be installing a beehive at the garden and educate the kids on bees! Fresh food, honey and happy people- it's a yummy combination!

Carol said...

Molly, that's exciting to hear. Getting the kids started early can help them develop a hobby they can enjoy for a lifetime. Not to mention that they are learning to be involved with their community in a positive way.