Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving forward

The most difficult thing about moving forward can be what we leave behind.  I have spoken often about the choices we must make while we are In The Trenches.  Many of us can and do get there by circumstances that are not under our control or within our ability to choose.  Among these are job layoffs, illness or death in the family, or divorce.  We don't always have the ability to choose the circumstances but we can choose our response to it.  In moving forward we may have to leave much of what we love behind. 

Consider the scenario of a job loss.  We may have to move to another area to earn a living income. To move forward we may have to leave our home (or have it foreclosed), our friends, our pets, and hardest of all our dreams. 

No matter how many financial books you have read and no matter how much you look at the options they do not prepare you to leave your dogs.  But, these choices must sometimes be made.

Okay.  I'm bumming myself out now and probably you as well.  What can we do to turn this sad situation into a positive one?

Look to the future.  Try to look forward and look back at the same time and you will find you cannot do it.  Choose to look to the future.  It will take all your energy to build a new life.
  1. Set your goals but be willing to adjust them as needed.
  2. Look  for the best possible situation for your pets or other things you need to leave behind.  Find someone who will love and care for them as much as you do and maybe even more.  When we love we will look for the best.  Put your time and energy into this process so in the end you can rest assured that you have made good choices.
  3. In line with this, put the word out.  Tell people what you need so they can help you.  Do not let pride, hurt, shame, or embarrassment get in the way of finding good homes for your pets or things.
  4. Make sure you give out your email to friends so they can keep in touch.
  5. When you hear of others in this situation help them.  Life hits all of us.  If it is them today it may be you tomorrow.  If you can do nothing else be lavish and generous with a kind word and big hug.
Moving forward.

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