Friday, June 11, 2010

Millions forced to wait for food stamps benefits - Life-

Millions forced to wait for food stamps benefits - Life-

If you are wondering how bad it is out there this article states that 40 million are now on food stamps - one in 8. Hopefully that raises a lot of eyebrows and thoughts.

Thank God for our daily food.
How is this impacting the state and national governments?
Where is this food produced? U.S. or imported from overseas?
If your family is on food stamps do you know how to budget to make it last?
What is being done to insure that these dollars are somehow replaced?
Are steps being taken to increase the amount food produced in our own country and in our neighborhoods?
What should be done to address any of these questions?

In The Trenches may represent what you are going through as a family and it certainly represents what we are going through as a nation. What happens to the other guy does effect us when it it happening on such a large scale.

The link called on the left has a special section for those with low incomes and has useful tips on budgeting to make ends meet. And, of course In The Trenches offers a budget plan and strategies for those going through financial crisis.  Worksheets are located on the left by clicking the coins.  Do the people in these situations have computers to be able to access them? That I don't know.


Olivia said...

You had asked if people could get ti good information. Many public libraies have Internet connections, though it does cost to print out pages. So even if a person doesn't have their own computer they most likely have access.

Carol said...

Thanks Olivia. I've gone back to using the library a lot myself and go at least once a week. I love all the books on cd.

Carol said...

I have come across a new blog called Early Retirement Extreme. Just getting into reading it myself but am sure I will be featuring some of the links in the future. If you are working on cutting your food expenses to a minimal level by choice or necessity this post will help you to see how you can do what you might have thought impossible.