Sunday, October 23, 2011

Material Girl

Remember?  How can we forget Madonna's song Material Girl ?  Even though I was not into pop culture I knew the song.  It was glitzy, catchy, and fun.  An entire generation was raised on the song and guess what?  We now have an economic crisis.  Is it a coincidence or are we now reaping what we sowed?

The music we listen to effects our thinking and each generation brings with it the theme song for the outcome of the next.  Music affects our minds and actions in sometimes subtle but noticeable ways. I too have to catch myself every time the song "I've got friends in low places" comes on because it is one that I start singing along with, it has such a catchy beat and it really is fun to sing. Everyone around me joins in with gusto.

So, here we are in 2011, Material Girls to some degree and now having to pay off the debt.

"But, I'M NOT A MATERIAL GIRL"  you say.  Maybe your favorite outfit is jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt.  Just for fun, if you dare, answer these 10 questions.  If you answer yes to a few of them you MIGHT be a material girl (or guy)

  1. Do you have any clothes that you have not worn for a year?
  2. Is shopping a hobby or past time?
  3. Do you rent a storage unit or can't get your car in the garage?
  4. Do you replace items that are not broken or worn out?
  5. Is spending money to party or going out to eat a regular event?
  6. Does getting your nails done prevent you from doing other things like cleaning or the dishes?
  7. Do you show off your new purchases to friends?
  8. Are you attracted to other people by what appears to be material success?
  9. Does your car symbolize your coolness?
  10. Do you buy things that are on sale that you really don't need?
Hmmm....maybe we have been influenced.  I know I have. 

1 comment:

Practical Parsimony said...

Basically, NO to all. I do show off thrift of sale purchases of items I have been looking for.