Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As they grow...

Word reached me about this event and though our readers probably do not live in the area where it was held I thought the concept was so interesting that it was worth sharing for all the creative, industrious people out there. 

As they Grow was started by three women and the events are held twice a year.  Their website gives all the information and it looks like they have done an exceptional job in organizing. 

Everyone wins with this business model:
  • The community has reasonably prices items,
  • the consignors get rid of their stuff and make some money,
  • the hosts make money,
  • the consignors may elect to give all unsold items to local charities,
  • and, of course, the children get new clothes.
Seems like the concept could work with other interests such a fishing supplies, holiday crafts and gifts, or even swap meet variety.

Hope you enjoy browsing through their website to come up with some of your own innovative ideas.


Practical Parsimony said...

We have an event like that in our town. They have to rent a warehouse for it. They also sell maternity wear and kid furniture and toys, besides clothing. Great deals. I bought my daughter and expensive red velvet dress there for Christmas last year--$4. I know my labels...sometimes...lol.

Only rules--no stuffed toys and batteries must be in battery operated toys, nothing broken, no grab bags, all shoes in bags.

These should be held everywhere.

Olivia said...

Wonderful idea. I passed your article onto the young moms at our church.

Carol Schultz said...

Yes, I have never seen one as well put together as these ladies have done. Thanks for your comments and passing it on