Thursday, December 9, 2010

Recycling Roundup

People have many different ideas of what recycling means. To some it is separating glass, cans, and newspapers for the bins and for others it is being more aware of the trash potential of a product before it is ever purchased.  Personally I am excited and encouraged by the renewed awareness and interest in all things GREEN.  Learning to be stewards instead of consumers promotes a better life for those that will follow after.  Just like no one likes to pick up the trash of another so we don't want to leave it for our children.

Hope you enjoy the round up and take the time to be introduced to these other informative blogs. The first part is the blog name and the second is the title of the article.



Everyday Tips said...

I love recycling. We have so little garbage anymore. Less than a can for our family of 5 actually. However, our recycle bin floweth over!

I cringe when I see people throw away cardboard and such where I live. We have curbside recycling, so it is just plain laziness.

Carol said...

Yes, the bins are a wonderful way to participate!