Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas Cards!  Throughout the year our mailboxes are mostly filled with business correspondence, advertisements, and bills.  Only two weeks are filled with greetings from friends, relatives that we may only keep in touch with once a year, and letters and photos describing the events of the past year.  Houses are purchased and sold, people move and pass away, and babies are born. As we look at the family photos we remember how quickly time is passing.

When I was growing up all the cards would be taped to the front and hall closet door and as a child I would ooohhh and awe over the pretty cards of the nativity scene, deer, snowy country churches, and candy canes.  It helped remind us what Christmas was all about and keep the consumerism and gifts in perspective without dominating the holiday.

But, every year I end up scrambling at the last minute.  I just don't understand it, somehow the clock between December 1st and the 25th seems to tick at a faster pace.  Maybe it is the bad weather, the dark days, the extra running around, and the sniffles.  Every Thanksgiving I set my resolve and every year I'm still addressing the week before Christmas, or worse, it gets so late that I abandon the idea for another year.

I know that many face the same challenge and have gone to e-cards and other online methods to communicate and these ways also save money.  Nothing against them for I appreciate those also but I still appreciate and miss my good old fashioned Christmas Cards.

There is still time.  If the card is late you can blame it on the post office.  I was able to find a box of cards at the dollar store for $1.  Even with the postage it is still an economical and cheerful way to remind people we love them and are thinking about them.  I have actually rationalized that if I get them mailed by New Years I'm okay.

For those of you on-line I want to take a moment to wish a wonderful and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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