Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome Billeater fans

Glad you were able to stop by.  If it's your first time you might want to start with clicking the coins on the side for free full size copies of the work sheets from In The Trenches.  Also, the recommended posts on the side.  Very happy to have you and welcome to In The Trenches.  Hope you will sign up for a subscription and come back often.

For In The Trenches regulars:
I am always glad you are here and it's exciting to see that we have visitors from all over the world.
Jessica at Billeater.com has provided me the opportunity to write a guest post for their site.  If you are interested here is the link.   The post was specifically written for those who are currently receiving assistance or know someone that is.
If you have not visited billeater yet they feature a tremendous amount of money saving tips and advice set up with  an easy to maneuver click of the mouse.  Find some new tips to save on everything from your electric bill to your car insurance.

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