Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maybe it's time to fire your Money Manager

Every month I have been setting goals and every month all I hear is reasons and excuses why they are not being met. I have decided that it is just about time for me to walk into my Money Managers office, look her straight in the face and let her know that I'm going to have to fire her and find someone who can do the job. The organization can no longer afford nor should it tolerate the slipshod way she allows everything that comes along to deter her from the goals that have been set. What really was the straw that broke the camel's back was when she whined "I can't do it". Why would I entrust someone with my money who openly admits her incompetence at doing the job?  I've tried patience, retraining, and looking the other way. But the fact remains that we are not prospering as we should.

I need to get someone in the position who will follow through on the goals of the organization and not be so influenced by every sale that comes along.  While it's true that income is down and bills are up that is all the more reason that the Money Manager must keep on top of the situation or the organization will decline even further.

What are your goals? Is it to reduce debt, start saving, or save money for Christmas? Maybe it's time to walk right into the Money Managers office and let them know that they are not doing their job properly and tell them they have until the end of the week to provide you with a plan of how they will fix it. No more excuses. No more schizophrenic brown nosing where they say yes madam and then hop off to the mall embezzling the money that was supposed to be in the saving account.

Yes, it sounds crazy because for most of us our money manager is ourselves. But if someone else was managing our money the way we do would they continue in our employment? Are we maybe so accustomed to our own excuses that we don't even expect to do any better? What really started this post was the comments on a financial article I was reading. Although most comments were helpful many were not. Here's the article. Take a look at the comments and you can easily spot who is going to come through the struggle okay and who will not.  I was also surprised to see how many people are under the impression that President Obama was managing their personal finances.

After my awareness level was heightened I realized that I had been making my own excuses in certain areas. Man, don't cha just hate that? So, I'm putting myself on a disciplinary warning and expect to see positive results immediately.  And, while I'm looking in the mirror maybe I should brush my hair.

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Joe Plemon said...

I love this "look in the mirror" post...maybe I need to comb my hair too. :)

Seriously, our personal finances and our lives are all about personal responsibility. If we aren't getting the results we want, it is up to us to change what we are doing. Not easy, for sure, but definitely beats excuses, blaming others and subscribing to victim mentality.

Let us know how it went with you and your money manager!