Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's different about In The Trenches?

There are many very good budgeting books, programs, and software available. So what makes In The Trenches different?

In The Trenches was written specifically for those who are going through transitions in their finances and would benefit from making changes.

In The Trenches will help you during the transitional times and the ideas can be used with your current budgeting methods or as a starting point for those who are new to the whole budgeting process. The charts and forms will help you review and analyze your own situation and help you figure out what is your own Minimum Basic Budget.

Just as you would not want only one tool in your toolbox In The Trenches is another tool to go with your current budgeting method, research, blog information, conversations with friends and family, and professional help. It will help you get though those hard times that may last anywhere from a month, to a year, and many of the principles you will want to use for a lifetime.

Who would get the most benefit from In The Trenches?

  • The unemployed.
  • Those who are making less income than last year.
  • Those on a fixed income.
  • Those living from paycheck to paycheck.
  • Behind on bills.
  • Looking for more tips on frugal living.
  • Low income.
  • Those who have a large amount of debt or medical bills.
  • People with fluxuating incomes from seasonal or independent work.
  • Planning for a maternity or medical leave.
  • Wanting to reduce expenses to start saving or investing more.
  • Just about everyone right now. 
When I was in banking it was my job to review procedures and budgets to determine cost savings areas and productivity improvements. When my father became terminally ill I resigned from this position to be at home. This decision combined with other unforeseen circumstances put us in a financial tailspin. We were quickly in a new place with new challenges, obstacles, and opportunities.

It was during this time that I developed my In The Trenches methods and later began to write the book to share with others some of what I had learned in the process.

If you know anybody in these situations In The Trenches can be ordered through, Barnes and Noble, or many other online book stores. Don't take my word for it, check out the reviews on the next page.  I hope you will consider picking up a copy today for yourself or a friend. Just click the book on the left and it will take you to Amazon.

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