Thursday, April 8, 2010

The American Status Symbol

Picture this….Beautiful woman, handsome man, elegant restaurant. And, at the end of the romantic dinner the bill comes and the credit card gets placed on the tray while the couple smiles at one another.

Or this….Family vacation, smiling kids, loving couple, happy memories. Priceless, and for everything else there is ……..

When did borrowing money become the American Status Symbol? Past generations would have rolled in their graves at the thought of borrowing money for lavish dinners and expensive vacations.

Who was responsible for making borrowing money the American Status Symbol? The banks, of course. They sold the image that borrowing money was the fastest way to the high class life style that appeals to our hopes and dreams. And all this can be yours for only a signature. Can’t get much easier than that. How did they do it? Commercials, of course. Almost a whole generation of Americans is now digging their way out of debt because of fantastic commercials.

Now as we struggle with the bills, cut back on the necessities, and possibly lose our homes the memories are still good but the price we pay is much higher than we expected. And, most of the commercials have stopped. Did you notice that?   (Chase does have a new catchy one so watch out before you start singing along.  If you start humming "Something tells me I'm in for something good"  watch your wallet.)

The American Status Symbol. The Credit Card. Borrowing money. Let’s find something new.

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