Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Toilet Paper Controversy

I would have never thought that toilet paper could cause any controversy or disagreement. In The Trenches has a chapter called “The best Investment – Toilet Paper”. In that chapter I outline a simple plan for beginning a food storage plan without raising the amount you are currently spending on groceries. This idea has recently gotten high praise from Food Storage Made Simple and Christian Finance. The complete reviews are on the next page and their links are in my blog list.

In the past week I read an article that suggested certain products that are not ideal for a person’s storage plan. Paper products were one of the items on the list because of the amount of space they take up.

Hum…this puzzled me until I looked and noticed that a the article was written by a man. That explained it all. Guess it all depends on your perspective!


Unknown said...


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Carol Schultz said...

Thank you Camilynn and thanks for the tip. I look forward to checking out the site. Some readers are working on chosen lifestyle changes, some on unemployment, and some on debt reduction. It's good to have lots of resources to go to.

Forest Parks said...

Ha ha, I'm male but agree toilet paper is well worth stocking up.... nothing like running out and having to run to the nearest garage and pay the premium price for it.


Olivia said...

Thanks for posting. I think I've finally gotten the guys sort of trained about having a stash of stuff as back up. Someone didn't mention they took out the last bottle of shampoo recently... well needless to say it wasn't pretty...especially for the shower a day teens.

Carol Schultz said...

Exactly! Having a shelf or closet full of shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other items can definately add to your wealth. Especially when they are bought on sale. The alternatives are not pretty at all. :)