Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

At work we talk about just about everything to pass the time while we are working.  One night we discussed the going rate for the Tooth Fairy.  Having this information is essential for anyone preparing a budget.  Those of us over forty remembered getting a dime or 25 cents after carefully hiding our much wiggled tooth under the pillow.  Those under forty had prices ranging from $1 to $5 and one person got to go to each adult family member to collect money and even got nice presents!  Man, it's just not fair! 

The whole thing seemed significant enough that I needed to do more research.  I personally had never seen the Tooth Fairy but I was able to find a picture of her and have posted it on the left.  Since it is an actual photograph she is the real thing!  I also found a place where you could write letters to her.  She is cute enough so I'm giving the link to the address below.

I also wanted to do some research on where she came from so I went to Wikipedia.  Some of it is just plain creepy and strange but I'll let you read that for yourself. 


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Olivia said...

I thought there were a bunch of them. Our's was named Desdemona. When she wasn't available, she sent in a sub. That accounted for delayed pick up and delivery. One sub was so bad she got fired. Desdemona sent in double the payment on that one.

Carol Schultz-Weil said...

That's so funny. I wonder what the sub did to get fired.