Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Review of In The Trenches by Money Funk

In The Trenches: Financial Survival During Times of Hardship : Money Funk Personal Finance & Frugal Living

Money Funk was the first frugal living blog I came across. I wrote an email to Christine and she wrote me back almost immediately! It was so cool to know someone was behind the blog and was willing to talk to me! Over the next few days she gave me some insightful tips and ideas. So I'm happy to say that I think Money Funk is not only a great blog but has a great writer to back it up. Click on the title to read the review and there is a link on the left for your future reference.


Forest Parks said...

Christine is awesome. I read her blog most days and am glad to have stumbled across her.... I found you through her book review.


Carol Schultz-Weil said...

yes, I second that emotion.