Sunday, January 15, 2012


Part II of my McDonalds adventures:

It was one of those moments where I had wished I had a camera to prove the truth of my words.  In my new morning routine I stopped again at McDonald's for coffee and a biscuit before work.  Usually I grab my tray and keep my head in a book so don't pay much attention to what or who is around me.  This particular morning the place was quite busy so instead I decided to take a seat where I could watch everyone coming and going. 

After a few moments something dawned on me and I started counting to see if my impression was correct.  Yes, out of almost 30 customers there was less than 5 women in the entire place.  The ratio was at least 5 to 1 in favor of men.  They were in all ages, races, and style of dress from the business suit to the grungy.  Many had their laptops open working on their computers or in groups talking to one another.  All were enjoying their coffee, pancakes, or big breakfast.

I had inadvertently stumbled upon a MAN CAVE.  Of all the things that Micky D's is known for this one caught me by surprise.  As I looked around I could not help but wonder if this was quietly going on all across the country.  Was this one of the last rituals of men that we women are unaware of?  As I said, I wish I had a camera to prove the sight. 

So I thought of other MAN CAVES throughout our history felt that I was witnessing something very important and good.  Some other man caves came to mind starting from the beginning:

 It just seems to me that when men get together a lot can get done - for good or for evil.  Pancakes at McDonald's seems a good place to start.

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