Sunday, September 18, 2011

How goes the battle?

After a long break from writing I'm picking up the computer again and will start posting.  I want to thank everyone who continued to check in, read the old posts, and pass the word along about the free online copy of In The Trenches.  Although I have no way of knowing how many have actually read the book because I didn't install an accurate counter I do know that a minimum of 3,500 have checked in.  It's a good start and all the more impressive since I have not touched the blog since I have made it available.

Today I began with a few small changes to the site including the copy of the new book cover. An artist friend of mine graciously added some zip to the logo.  The content is the same.  So for those of you who purchased the original copy on Amazon you truly have a very limited edition.

I am messing around with the colors and styles of the blog so if you stop in and find a pink background one of these days...oops.  Now I'm trying to remember how to use all these buttons that allow me to to all this amazing stuff but I have forgotten how to use.

Other changes include the addition in the side bar that shows the readers top choice favorite posts.  The posts for the ERE book have been very popular and Jacob is doing an amazing job at selling his book.  And, there is good reason for that.  These tools are what America needs RIGHT NOW to not only survive but prosper.  The resources, opportunities, and freedom we have in this country are just too much to fail unless we ourselves do not take the plow and move forward.  I have also been following Joe's posts at Personal Finance By The Book and he has taken his writing to an entirely new level.  It will challenge us all and for those who are Christians it will enable the most important element of God's blessings on our efforts.

I would love to hear how things are going with those of you who are in the battle.  What changes have you made to your financial management and how are they working out for you? Are you seeing improvement or at least holding down the fort?  What good and fun things have come out of these times?  Please feel free to post your comments or email me at inthetrenches at live (.) com.  I am also on facebook but do more reading than writing. 

In the coming days I will write about our garage sale extravganzas, the people I meet on my bus rides, how a living room was furnished for a price you would not believe, and of course will jump on my soap box as the mood strikes.  I encourage you to sign up for and email subscription so that you are aware when new items are posted.


Olivia said...

Delighted to find you back up and running. I've needed a boost lately. We're having a family meeing this evening to discuss our options, so your timing could not be better.

Carol Schultz said...

Thanks Olivia. Family meetings are a great part of bringing about the ideas and goals. Hope you let us know how it went.