Monday, November 1, 2010

Yahoo! Finance - Financially Fit

This article, How They Paid Off Big Debt in a Few Short Years  from Yahoo has lots of good money savings and debt reduction strategies.  One couple was able to pay off almost $70,000 in two years.

The comment about cloth diapers you know I would disagree with but that is what makes things so good as it shows that each person can customize their own plan to meet their families needs, objectives, and priorities.

All the couples mentioned came up with a different strategy but all were able to meet their goals.  There is hope for us all!


Olivia said...

What I'd be curious about is how much they earn. It's obvious they're taking in far more than we ever did, so they're able to pay out so much more. So if the fellow can pay off $70,000 in two years, he's making more than $35,000 in one.

Carol said...

One of the things this couple did was sell a car and eliminate the outstanding debt, so that's another way to reduce debt on certain items. And, yes, I agree that they must have had much more flexibility than many people but sometimes reading the strategies of others can help the light bulbs go on for our own great ideas.