Saturday, November 6, 2010

19 iconic products that america doesn't make anymore

19 iconic products that america doesn't make anymore: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance

This is a truly interesting article and video about products that were originally made in America that the manufacturing has moved overseas.

The American Economy is being eroded on every side and most of it has been happening in ways that we would not be aware of and with the support of laws that provide tax breaks to those who no longer support American manufacturing.

It is like an octopus with many tentacles: the banking industry, manufacturing, tax policies, food regulations, and other major factors.  Many Americans have been looking for a quick fix but only a major overhaul will turn us from the course we are heading.


Practical Parsimony said...

Ironically, the Italian immigrant who started making Radio Flyer Wagons in Chicago did so because he wanted every child to be able to afford to have a wagon, something he never had. Now, we cannot afford to make them? How sad. With no jobs, maybe we won't be able to buy one! I worry that our children are being used as lead testers, especially with Chinese products. Plus, I hope the quality is reliable so children will not be injured. Well, these tax breaks for manufacturers are being had on the backs of the poor or disappearing middle class. Thanks for the article.

Carol said...

I was especially disappointed to see Levis on the list. Feels like a betrayal of the cowboys who made them famous.