Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shopping Mania Roundup

Black Friday!  The buzz is on and people across the country are making plans to get out there and shop until they drop!  I would be lying if I didn't admit that we women are making plans to go to bed early to get in line before the crack of dawn.  The retailers are counting on it and the news says that sales are already 10% over what they were at this time last year. 

It's fun.  It's exciting.  I admit we are also looking at the ads to figure how to get out and get some of the things on our list at greatly reduced prices.  Walmart is on 4 blocks away.  I could walk there and not even wake anybody up.  I've been needing a new laptop and they have one for only $200! 

So tempting!  And, if you are planning to buy it anyway why not have the fun of finding the great deal.  So, I'm not going to deter you.  That would just be impossible, like telling a teenage girl not to look at boys, it's just not going to happen.  But, at some point you may experience that feeling of shoppers remorse where you know you've just taken it a little too far.  Either by going over budget, into debt, or just gotten a great deal on something you absolutely don't need.  I know, it feels kind of like a hangover. 

So before you hit the stores here are some good articles to help you get the best deals while still keeping your budget in mind.  Remember that you are walking into spending landmine territory.  Be safe, be careful, and have fun!

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