Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet the 'Cheapest Man Alive': Edward Wedbush - It's Your Money -

A reader wanted to share this story with us all.  Hope you enjoy it.

Meet the 'Cheapest Man Alive': Edward Wedbush - It's Your Money -

So what do you think?  Is this man a little off?  Is he making a point?  How can a person this rich and successful still have a leaky roof?  You won't believe his story.


everyday tips said...

I don't know if that article makes me more or less inclined to invest with Wedbush.

It actually sounds like a very sad story. His frugality has gone beyond common sense if he lives in a home that is not healthy and he cannot share it with his wife. I feel awful for her neighbors, I cannot imagine how frustrated they must feel.

In my opinion, this man needs some serious help. Now that I think about it, I would NOT invest with him.

Carol said...

I have to wonder if he is making some kind of statement or being stubborn against pressure others have put on him in some area aka "nobody will tell me what to do", hard to say. It's just a very strange story. Wish they would have addressed it in the article.

Olivia said...

Our environments impact our lives. In all seriousness, perhaps the mold has affected his thinking. It would be interesting to know something of his family background too. Did he grow up poor? It is sad to put so much on the line (personal health, family relationships, community) to maintain wealth.

Carol Schultz said...

When I worked in real estate I was able to see some houses over run by mold. It is a terrible thing. It is important to be aware of it and prevent it when it starts.