Monday, June 21, 2010

The China Cabinet

My project this week is to clean a china cabinet. The cabinet is packed to the gills with everything from fine German china to cheap nick knack bric-a-brac. There is so much in the cabinet that nothing can be seen and the crystal is dusty and common looking.

I’m excited about it. My first step will to be to box up all the bric-a-brac and seasonal items. There will probably end up being a Christmas box, an autumn box, and a not worth keeping box. They will go in the garage for now to be ready for the holidays and some items may be the beginnings of the next big sale. Then, all the crystal will be washed and displayed so it can sparkle along with the teacup collection from around the world in memory of those who have gifted them. We will then find some display holders so that the china can be shown with its intricate patterns and graceful designs.

But what does this have to do with finances?

Our lives can get like this china cabinet. Everyday we pack more into them with activities, events, people, and stuff. If we don’t occasionally go through and sort, evaluate and reorganize the beautiful things in our lives can get shoved behind the common. All that we do involves time, money and energy.

This really is the heart of frugal living. It’s not about being cheap, a miser, or going without the finer things in life. Frugal living is about knowing what’s important and knowing what is clutter. These decisions are personal so although some basic principles may apply the complete package is custom tailored to each individual and family. Therefore, no one can do it for you nor should you want them to.

When we work with our budget we are actually evaluating our life choices. The decisions we make do not always come down to what is the cheapest, if we are working the plan properly it will come down to what is the best. What we are lacking we will make room for and what we have too much of we will discard.

Each of us has a combination of unique skills, talents, and abilities. Our lives can shine and sparkle like the finest china cabinet.

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