Thursday, June 10, 2010

In The Trenches - Are you grouchy today?

We are all grouchy at times.  It's just part of being people.  Stress can really press us to our limits and it's easy to let grouchiness take over our attitude and mood.  We can all forgive the occasional slip but when being grouchy at business contacts, friends, and family starts to be the norm it can really get on people's nerves and cause harm to our relationships especially to our spouses and children.  None of us enjoy walking on eggshells or giving the wide berth to the bear in the corner.

I was surprised to find that the gallup poll actually tracks this.  If you want to check out what percent of the American people are feeling unhappy or depressed here is the link you can do so along with other important topics like presidential approval rate, unemployment, and consumer spending.  If you want to know what America thinks check out the gallup poll.

So regardless of what is going on in your life right now there is one positive way of dealing with it:

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