Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The difference between saving and investing by Personal Fianance by the Book

Personal Finance by the Book has a very good dialog going on regarding the difference between saving and investing.  Joe Plemon has written a post that removes the gray from the subject and his readers are hashing out the pros and cons. Here's the link so you can join them in progress and put in your ideas.


Joe and his wife are also working on a home redo investment.  Watching the progress is interesting.  Joe's blog is written from a Christian perspective and covers Bible topics as they relate to managing finances. 


Joe Plemon said...

Thanks for the mention. I just now learned of it or I would have thanked you sooner!

Carol said...

You are welcome. And, I would like to encourage all In The Trenches readers to subscribe to Finance by the Book. Joe covers a wide range of topics and is a personal financial consultant. As a reader you can benefit from his knowledge for FREE. (Yes, we like that word at this blog)