Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When was the last time you were exhausted?

Back on the ranch I often worked myself to exhaustion.  Whether it was mowing, digging, or shoveling manure I would walk into the house and flop to my chair after grabbing a cup of coffee often so stiff I could not move.  Here in the city the feeling is different, after a long day at work my brain feels so tired there is nothing left that makes any sense so I plop on the couch to watch my favorite show "Murder, She Wrote"  before heading to bed to rest for another day.  This goes on until Friday when despite my weariness the smile creeps out knowing that I have a couple days off of the treadmill.

When many say they are exhausted their tone has the "help me" quality and if they are lucky someone will come along and do something nice like excuse their feet on the couch or bring a give them a break on the many things that are not yet done.  We all hope for this understanding and should give it to others as well. 

Long ago I learned that despite my whining being exhausted was usually a good thing.  It meant that I had worked hard, given my all, and pushed beyond the laziness limits that threaten to overcome us all if we do not keep the temptation at bay.

So if you are exhausted today or plan to be I offer a "well done"!  Pat yourself on the back even if no one else will. 

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