Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In The Trenches - MOTIVATION

I love this picture that has been going around on Facebook.  I can so TOTALLY relate to it.  Maybe you can too as more than 47,000 others have pushed the LIKE button:

When I know that company is coming I can switch into tornado mode.  I am amazed at how fast and organized I can move.  Picking up, dusting, and pushing a vacuum sometimes all at the same time.  Give me half an hour and the place looks totally different.  Give me 15 minutes and I break into a sweat and do the same amount.  Sometimes I would invite people over to jog myself out of a slump.  When my 3 kids were still at home we worked as a lightening team with me barking orders and them flying to the challenge.  When the knock on the door came we would all smile to one another and immediately switch into a calm and welcoming family ready to take your coat, pour your coffee, and make our guests feel right at home.

It's called MOTIVATION and it is a gift bestowed upon us. 

Much of our motivation is caused by desire or fear.  When we WANT something bad enough we go the extra mile to see that it happens.  Fear propels us to spring to action and run away or take defensive action against a pending threat.  Each has it's place in our lives at times.  Often this can be the making of an average person into a hero for seeing the threat and they are able to take courageous, focused, decisive action.

What ever the challenge the many forms of MOTIVATION will see us through to the end.  Lack of MOTIVATION on the other hand will quickly stop us in our tracks.  It can be in the way we raise our children, clean the house, succeed in diet or exercise, or even in our finances.

If you are not making the progress you hope for check your MOTIVATION first.  All the best plans and methods in the world cannot overcome without the energy that is the driving force behind our actions.


Rosemary said...

I like your picture too. You k now the saying "If it wasn't for the last minute nothing would get done"!

Carol Schultz said...

Somehow it enhances our clarity for those things we have postponed.