Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Extra Money

I guess in reality there is no "extra money" as we should be wise about all our habits.  There are times when we do have more than our basic needs require and at that time we feel more free to splurge a little on the things that are important to us but we may set aside when higher priorities take precedence. 

Each has our own list of splurges and it is those things that show who we are as an individual.  I have had many in the past: 

  • Books
  • peacocks
  • Garage sale treasures
  • going out to eat
  • one of my past indulgences was Little Golden Books written in french (talk about weird)

Others I have seen are
  • clothing beyond the necessities
  • men's toys - boats, 4 wheelers, top of the line tools that don't get used
  • quilting fabric
  • a manicure or pedicure

The list can go on forever.

Something about having "extra money" makes us feel, or reminds us that we are rich even despite the overall challenges we might be dealing with. 

Of course I'm not referring to those who routinely have an over spending problem that they are trying to curb.  The advice might be taken as telling an alcoholic that only one drink is okay.  I'm referring to those who are seeking to manage on a limited or reduced income and are scraping to make ends meet every month.

Years ago I learned it was important to budget "extra money" or spending money in, even if it was only $5 a month for an ice cream cone. Going on month after month and feeling like no headway is being made can cause one to loose hope and give up, or blow all their efforts with a major spending spree. 

Of course, I could have showed the picture of a book right here but it just didn't seem like it would give the same message :)


Rosemary said...

Thank you! I love the picture My splurging right now is putting food in storage. I love books too and painting supplies and quilt material. but right now it is food. I was told today at a store that food prices are going WAY UP before long. I don't doubt it since they are already rising every month. Corn is gone which means cows are being sold etc. You know how one thing can lead to another like the domino effect. Hope you are prepping too.

Carol Schultz said...

Yes, we are talking about the food storage subject as well. Just last week made a list of certain ideas that we would try to get a 6 month supply on. Now it's time to watch for the Sales!

Practical Parsimony said...

I make it a point to buy something extra in the food category every week, even if it is only one little thing. I have not had a chance to buy anything in bulk. There is nothing around here, so ordering it would be the way to go. I don't have that much money a once. I have to just do it, not wait for extra money.

If I am going to truly splurge, it would be a meal out once in a while. Rarely, I spend the money for a movie I am dying to see. Okay, a pint of ice cream when it is $1 is a minor amount but a joy.

Carol Schultz said...

Yes, a good movie can be a treat. Add a bowl of popcorn and it doubles the enjoyment :)