Saturday, October 9, 2010

More about American Housing

Shawn from Watson Inc had some questions about my last post so I did some more digging.  What I found is the the U.S. Census does a housing survey every two years.  This is not a complete survey but one of those partial surveys multiplied to respresent the entire nation.  That is an important note because the averages may not be exact to each community or state but should relate to the entire country.  Here are some of the numbers I found interesting:



Multi year reports.


Carol said...

I had actually put this up by accident intending that I would do more analysis first. Upon debating whether to take it down I decided that all who were interested might as well be taking a look and we could figure it out together. Especially interesting is the 2007 survey that has a summary on the front. This is as the nationwide foreclosures were just beginning. For those who love numbers and charts there is a lot of information here.

If anyone finds posts on the topic please let me know and I would be happy to do a link.

Shawn Watson said...

Again, thank you!!! I'm glad to have better clarity.