Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Taco Tuesday - Yeah!!

Del Taco has a Tuesday special of 3 tacos for $1.09!  They are available  in soft or hard shell. 

A family of six can be fed for less than what it costs to cook most meals.  Add a can of re fried beans and maybe some seasoned tater tots and it's a family night treat.

When the kids were growing up my rule was "I don't spend money on pop"  If I had lived in another part of the country I'm sure I would have said soda.  My goal was to get as much food for the dollar as possible.  To this day we most often ask for water with our meals.  And, hey, we all can benefit from drinking more water. 

Since I was on a roll I decided to call Kentucky Fried Chicken to find their best deal and I wasn't that impressed but on their site you can download free coupons so that might be the way to go.  Popeye's had a Tuesday special of 99 cents for a leg and thigh or an everyday special on a 13 piece bucket for $11.99.

My pizza favorite is Domino's with the 2 medium, 2 topping for $5.99 each.  Where they get you is on the pop and desert for an extra $5.99 but remember the no pop rule if you want to save money.

In checking this out I found many sites with free download coupons that can save even more on all eating out meals.

Can't forget the $1 value meals at McDonald's, Burger King, and most other fast food restaurants.

Now for the most important trick to save money - TO GO.  Just drive on through and grab it.  If you go in to eat chances are you will spend more money. 

Hey, I never said I was a health food fanatic. You'll have to find that on a different site. 

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Anonymous said...

I love Del Taco. It started out as Taco Tia in Barstow, CA, and when we lived there in the mid 50's, our family of 5 would occasionally go there for dinner. Tacos were just 9 cents each. My big brother could eat two of them, but when the price went up to 11 cents each, Mom said he could only have one. Mom knew that she could fix them at home for much cheaper. As kids we thought going out to a fast food place was great. A rare treat.

Today Del Taco still has the best tacos I have ever had. The 3 tacos for $1.09 are OK but a better deal is the Classic tacos 3 for $2.09. They are twice a big with double the meat and also have tomatoes. The regular tacos do not. And don't forget to grab a handful of hot sauce packets.

Fast food can be found at the grocery too. Safeway has a Friday $5.00 special. This week is their deli 8 piece chicken for just $5.00.
Albertsons always has great prices on their deli chicken, and it taste better than Safeway's.....but that's my opinion.

I'm not a fan of pizza, but several years ago I use to buy the $1.99 plain cheese pizza at Safeway, then buy the toppings separately. Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, pineapple, olives, artichoke hearts, you name it. Then went home put it together and baked it. Sometimes I spent $20.00 total, but those were the best pizzas ever.

Buy pop when it is on sale. The best time is December and June. Stock up your pantry or garage. I'm still working on some Coke that have Santa Clause on the cans, but last month bought more to hold me over until the December sales. I purchased 3 12 packs for $10.00. That comes out to about .27 cents a can.

E said...

Great - unless you consider the working conditions of fast food worker and farm workers, the lives of feedlot raised animals and the environmental costs (not carried by corporations or customers) of this type of food production and distribution.

Carol said...

Actually I have been both a fast food worker and a farm worker. I have been told I could shovel the stuff faster than most men. Both are mentioned in In The Trenches. It's good honest work and pays the bills.

You are right that some of the feedlots are deplorable and are one of the biproducts of so highly regulating the small farms where animals have adequate pasture, water, and are well taken care of. Greed shows it's head in many ugly ways and always at the expense of those in less of a position to defend themselves. I have many friends active in the rehabilitation of animals and appreciate the opportunity to speak out on the subject. The need is especially great in this economy and there are many worthy organizations that take donations to further their work. Most people I know are having to do it out of their own pockets. Thanks for your comments.

E said...

This is one of my biggest issues with "frugal living" - that it looks only at cost to buyers and not expense to others. But of course that's true of so much of our dollar driven society.
The moral implications of our choices are all to seldom considered. http://insidedateline.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/07/18/4701735-sunday-july-18-children-of-the-harvest

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Carol said...

I watched that show also and it was excellent. Thank you for bringing attention to it.

True frugal living goes far beyond the initial cutting of expenses and evolves from being a consumer to being a producer. Most people are unable to take all the steps at once and have to start someplace. An example that quickly comes to mind is my millionaire uncle (noted In The Trenches) had the same couch for 50 years. They took care of it well and recovered it but the quality was such it never needed to be replaced. His business was forestry and he was very concerned about renewable resources.

Your comments bring thoughts of many topics for discussion but since we started on food production one of the huge not well known issues is what is being done to seed production. If you are one that likes to research look up Monsanto and how they are trying to get entire control of seeds and the chemicals they are putting in them. If we don't get the family farms and backyard gardens going again we are going to be in big trouble. I hope to have the time to do more research so I can post something worthwhile.

Thanks for your comments they bring up many good discussion topics.