Friday, May 7, 2010

Reading the signs.

Imagine driving down the road.  Not quite sure where you are going you take a couple of side streets than get back on the main road and keep going.  There are lots of other cars going the same direction.  Along the way the tire blows and a kind motorist stops and helps change the flat.  Onward you go.  Hundreds of miles pass, lots of ground is covered and the car sputters to a stop.  Oh no, out of gas!  A neighbor spots your predicament.  He brings out a five gallon gas can and gets you to the next gas station.  After your pit stop it's back on the road for hours more until you finally reach your destination.  A DEAD END SIGN!

What?!  How could you have come this far only to reach a DEAD END SIGN? 

How many millions of people have reached their dead end sign with using their credit cards?  In doing so they have messed up their credit ratings, run out of money, and finally gotten themselves to the end of the road.  Now it's time to turn around.

Unfortunately the farther down the road you have traveled the farther it will be to get back but there are lots of others that can help and will keep you company along the way.  They can also show you the shortcuts. And as they are passing many are rolling down their windows and telling you "Turn around, dead end ahead, turn around".  Some of their blogs are listed at the left.

Have you cut up your credit cards yet? 

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