Sunday, May 9, 2010

Excepts from In The Trenches by Free Money Finance

Freemoneyfinance offers many articles and tips from investments to job search tips to other financial ideas and opportunities.  My favorite part of the blog is the authors personal story of his childhood through his adult life and how he was able to start with difficult challenges and through education and hardwork was able to accomplish what is known as The American Dream.  It is an inspiring no excuses approach that can encourage us all.  I have placed a link below: 

My Story from Rags (Kinda) to Riches (Kinda)

The links below are from In The Trenches - Financial Survival During times of Hardship.  If you have not purchased the book yet it gives an idea of what you are in store for.  Especially interesting is the comments of freemoneyfinance readers.  Add your own on their blog or this one.

Millionaires Among Us

The Annual 50%

If Shopping is Your Passion, then Get Another Hobby

To order the book just click the book on the left and it will take you right to Amazon.

Happy Mother's Day to all and hope you had the opportunity to spend some time or talk on the phone with your most valuable assets in life.  And, thanks to all my kids for calling!

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