Friday, May 14, 2010

Book Review - The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide by Martin D. Weiss

There is more that I don't know about the stock market and common forms of investments than I do know so it is not a subject that I plan to write much about on this blog.  I prefer my investments to be something I can feel, see, and touch such as small business, real estate, or metals.  And, I certainly would not turn over all my money to someone else to manage.  If someone were to lose my hard earned money it would be me.  However there are those out there who are experts in investing and I would certainly put Martin D Weiss in this catagory.  Between he and his father there are almost eighty years of professional and personal experience through the the first and second great depressions and everywhere in between.  Martin D Wiess has spoken before congressional leaders and provided answers to their own questions about the where and hows of the current economic crisis.

This book and the cd may be more detailed than many In The Trenches readers may want to pursue but for those who do it will be a tremendous learning experience.  By understanding the basic concepts he presents it will help you to have a much greater knowledge of the big picture of what's going on so that you can make sound decisions about what you should do in your current situations.  I think this is especially true if you are nearing retirement and have lost your first investments.  Don't be convinced that the crisis was just a fluke and it will all get better.  This book does not promise miracles but it does outline a basic strategy that can help you be years ahead of the pack in the recovery process.

I believe that the information in this book is important enough that I may write more in the future or do a series on it. And, I hope and plan to implement some of the strategies myself.  In the meantime, I recommend that you get the book or cd's at the library and familiarize yourself at your earliest convenience.  There is a lot to chew on in these ideas. 

The author has written a number of other books as well as his website.  Would love to hear any comments you have on any of them.  To some, his writings may even seem somewhat controversial.  Being right often is.

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Carol said...

Since writing the book review I been watching the blog for Martin Weiss and although I definately highly recommend the book I don't enjoy the blog as much. Those who love to watch the financial and stock information daily may find it quite helpful