Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Day

I, like most Americans, anxiously await the outcome of the election.  I do not remember one that seemed so supercharged with emotion from both sides.  It has been a long and grueling battle soon to be over but in reality just beginning.  I have remained uncharacteristicly quiet on the subject as I have often been right in the thick of voicing my thoughts around election time and at times have jumped into the  campaigning.

For those who know me or read this blog they may have often picked up my faith in God though I choose to write the blog for the general population so disclose topics that can relate to all without stressing the faith aspects.

Today I would like to take a moment to share what is utmost on my heart and mind regarding America especially for those who profess to have a faith in God.  One of the greatest responsibilities is this:

I cannot help but wonder:  over the past 4 years have we done this faithfully and diligently?  Or, have we just been flapping our mouths to express our disagreements, disputes, or support?  From what I have seen on facebook, heard in the streets, seen in the media, and even in churches it seems like we are doing more of the second than the first.

And, are we ready to PRAY for the next four years regardless of who is elected?
With all the fussing and fighting going on are we missing the very thing that could make the difference?  Are we ready to begin to pray for our leaders whether we view them as a friend or enemy?  It is not President Obama or Mitt Romney that can heal our land.  If we think so then we have already taken God out of the first and rightful place He deserves.

I recognize that my words have the potential of offending both nonChristians and professing Christians but the words of an old hymn come to mind.
Trust and Obey - John Sammis 1887


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