Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We've all seen the pictures of the athletic, young skakeboarders flying through the air and most of us instinctively know that there is "NO WAY!" we are going to ever do such a thing.

My morning walk to the bus is on the same schedule and route as the local highschool.  I hear them walk up behind me and soon they are in front of me.  It is a daily reminder that I must be getting older.  They walk, they ride bikes, they are on scooters, and are on skateboards. Oh to be young and have that energy again and take it so for granted!  Occasionally I do see older people out for the morning healthy stay in shape jog who are sweating profussly and run by going not much faster than I am walking.  Aroubic activity seems to produce sweat with much less speed the older we get.

I have to admit that I am highly impressed with the skateboarders who use the board simply as a way to increase their efficiency in getting from Point A to Point B.  I am surprised how quickly they are at the next light. 

I think they have got something there.  This is probably the best improvement on transportation that has come along in a while!  With no more effort than I am using they reach their distination in a fraction of the time merely by doing a little leg push and coast.

I realize it will not work for everyone.  I have pictured my sons trying to navigate the city streets of Seattle and envisioned them either panting up the hill or going wildly out of control down the streets unable to stop at the intersections. If one is going north and south instead of east to west it may not be so bad though. In Seattle the hills are like traversing mountains without switchbacks, even in a car I sometimes get nervous when I cannot see the road over the hood of the car or going downhill I wonder when the last time the brakes were checked.

For those who live in the flatter cities of the country the kids are leading the way to improving our ability for clean efficient transportation for those youthful enough in heart to try it.  So much easier than locking up a bike and so much faster than walking. 

It's a good thing.

In fact others are picking it up too!

Watch is video for a funny treat. 

And, I would look like this if I were to try it:



Rosemary said...

Boy, do I relate with you on this one lol!!

Practical Parsimony said...

I see the young boys doing tricks on their skateboards and am really impressed. I would just kill myself on one. That dog video was cute. You could tell the dog was really enjoying riding the skateboard.