Sunday, July 8, 2012


Who would imagine that the disposal of garbage could cost so much?  Recently the people living in my turn of the century (that's 1885) house vacated and clean-up of the property began.  It's a long story... 

I was warned in advance that garbage was going to be a major issue so I had mentally prepared myself for the worst.  Having been a property manager and having worked in a real estate office I knew what the worst could look like.  Few can bear the sights, smells, and touch of a clean up project so I long since have learned that not everyone is cut out for it.  Somehow, for me, under all the abuse a grand old house may exist so I am able to put on my sensual blinders and go for it.

I cannot help but mention that I had prayed much before hand and read the book of Nehemiah to prepare for the project. I was extremely grateful that some people I had never even met felt bad about the situation and gone before me to get the work started. When I got to my home friends from this town I love came to my aid and provided a place for me to stay during the work, food to eat, and a vehicle to drive.  That all in addition to people who joined in the work, loaned lawn mowers, a tractor, and brought lunch to those who were working.  While we worked on this most miserable of projects we moaned, talked, laughed, planned and I for one had a wonderful time.  I was reminded again of why I love small towns and especially this one which has provided a home to generations of my family for over 150 years based on the markers I find at the cemetery.

Most of the time I try to keep my blog posts anonomous but a special thanks must be given to Mike, Nikki, Tamrick, Jimmy, Richie, Tammy, Danny, Keren, and others who participated and continue to be there in various ways.  I love you guys!

So how bad was it?

Two of these 20 yard dumpsters were taken out -

And, it will be about eight of these 4 yard dumpsters -

The cost of all that garbage removal looks like it will come in at about $2,000.  And that doesn't count the burn pile that was going for days or all the scrape metal and tires that were hauled off.

In the process two people puked, we went through almost a box of gloves, and oh my aching back.  But we kept the coffee going and rapid progress was being made.  Underneath it all was the wonderful surprise that there was very little damage except to the carpet and a couple of broken windows.

This old lady of a house is getting a new coat of  paint and a manicure to the outside lawns and trees.  And again she will provide a home just as she has for over 115 years.

One of my best friends Cleo used to say "Look for the pearl in the cowpie"  (for those who don't know what a cowpie is another translation is cow manure). 

My friends and family are the PEARL of all that is in my life.  It was wonderful to see everyone and God bless.


Practical Parsimony said...

That is great you have gotten so much help!

Carol Schultz said...

Yes, my heart was truely blessed.

NikkI Amos said...

I read this every week the dumpster is emptied to get me into refilling it. The small dumpster has been here for almost 2 months and the cute little shack is almost cleared. And let me tell ya when I say it's not a fun job digging thru trash that has been there for a year. As Carol posted yes the coffee was non stop and do was our work. There was a day where I sat on the steps going up stairs and cryed cause I felt I was going no where on the painting and yes the painting isn't finished yet, lol. With all the clean up outside and keeping the lawn cut oh and the husband cutting the fields with the riding mower it has been a chore. Would I take this chore on again you betcha ya. I love the house and the creek and the hubby loves the aviary barn. But the best part is people telling us how nice it looks and that we have done a good job cleaning it up. Thank you Carol for allowing us to take care of this wonderful farm home.