Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What are you going to do when you go Frugal?

Many of us do not plan to go frugal.  It is something we feel is forced upon us by a change in circumstance.  We moan, groan, panic, make mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and just keep moving forward.   Then one day we realize that things are just not as tough anymore,  kind of like when a headache goes away.  We cannot say exactly when or what happened but we notice that feelings of anxiety and stress are gone.  We may even have some money in our pockets before the next payday or see a balance in our savings account.  It could end abruptly.  A new job or a raise being the most common remedy for a downturn. 

Either way the question becomes what will you do?  Will you return to your old way of doing things or stick to your new found frugal habits to avoid debt and live within your means in a fuller richer way?  Or, most likely a combination of the two.

The day will come, it may be just around the corner.

Here are some of the things I have done at different times, some admittedly wiser than others:

  • Went part time.  It was no longer necessary to work full time to support my lifestyle.
  • Gave more willingly and generously.
  • Bought jewelry.
  • Took a trip.
  • Remodeled the house.
  • Paid down debt at a more accelerated pace.
  • Went out to eat with friends more often.
  • Bought a full beef for the freezer instead of buying by the pound.
  • Bought gifts for my family for the times I had not be able to.
  • Loaned money to friends without worrying about being paid back.
  • Went kayaking.
  • Saved more.
  • Started my poultry business.
Whatever you decide it will be with a freedom not previously experienced.  Others may not understand your choices and they don't need to for keeping up with the Jones' is no longer a consideration.

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