Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Day Roundup

Are you a Hallmark person?  Although I am definately not to the disappointment of some who know me I admit that I enjoy the bright colors and cheerfulness of those who are.  I especially want to share this first link.  The ideas do not have to be limited to one day but can be of value 365 days a year.  It is always good to show affection to those we love whether the times are good or bad. 

My favorite memory of Valentines Day has nothing to do with romance or men.  It was my third grade class when we made our construction paper heart to receive the Valentines from our classmates.  It was the rule: you either bring for Everybody or Nobody.  Of course, when we bought the assortment box we gave the cutest cards to our friends.  It was fun to walk around the room and put a little envelope into everybody's heart.

The message of our teacher was clear and well received:  It's okay and good to learn to be kind to everyone.  That was the most valuable lesson of the holiday.

100 Ways To Show Your Love For Free from Personal Finance Advice

At the Heart of Valentines Day   from The Frugal Dad.  This post has the statistics of the $15.7 Billion holiday and a history of how it all began.

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