Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job opening

So you're unemployed.  What would you think if you read these company benefits?  Would it interest you?  Is it better than you have now? 

"Crew Benefits

You don’t have to achieve upper-level management status to reap the rewards. ... you’ll enjoy a competitive wage, a schedule that fits your needs, a team that’s there to support you in every way, and a workplace that’s close to wherever you need to be. It’s a great way to earn extra income for anyone, from students to moms and dads.
  • Competitive wages
  • Free uniforms*
  • Free or discounted meals
  • Flexible hours
  • Medical insurance*
  • Prescription drug coverage*
  • 24-hour nurse line access
  • Vision discount*
  • Available dental*

Additional Benefits

  • Short-term disability*
  • Term life insurance*
  • 401(k)*
  • Paid holidays*
  • Vacation*
  • Educational assistance*
*Subject to availability and certain eligibility requirements and restrictions."

Sound good?  What are you waiting for if you are now unemployed?

This is the company I worked for and it was during this time I gained a greater appreciation and respect than I expected.  In fact, at the time I just stopped in after a long day of job searching and put in an application.  They interviewed me on the spot.  They worked around all my scheduling requirments because at the time I needed a position where I could drop off and pick up my son from school. 

This was my first job in the field and within a year considered the possibility of entering management.  The salary range was much higher than I would have guessed or expected. 

Although my career goals have gone in a different direction I can still vouch for this company for anyone from ages 17 to 70 who is seeking full or part-time employment.  Whether you need something long term, while you are in transition, or a second job to supplement your income,  it is a company that later you can be proud to say you have worked for.

Who is it?  If you have read my stuff you have probably guessed. :) If not, then click on the link as I wanted to add a little mystery to the post just for fun.

Mystery Job Opportunity 

This concludes the series.  At least for now :)


Dee said...

I like that the uniforms are *provided. Some friends told me about retail jobs but mentioned I might be required to wear clothes from the store. Some stores even require you to have newer versions of their jeans! That is some nerve IMO. As long as I am neat and wearing the colors they prefer, why should I have to have their particular brand of clothing?

Bose said...

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