Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's going to be a good day!

It was an hour before I needed to be at work so I decided to walk to McDonald's to see what would be good for breakfast.  I ordered a biscuit with egg and cheese and a coffee.  I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that the total was only $2.08.  Wow.  What a deal!

As I waited for my food others came in line to order and I noticed a couple men who were older than me ordering their food.  They ordered a senior coffee with their meal.  "That's nice"  I thought.  A deal for the older folks.  McDonald's does it again.  Responding to the needs of the average person and keeping their prices affordable. 

My tray was ready so I proceeded to a table.  They had put the receipt on the tray so I decided to check it out further to see what the prices were for my great deal.  I figured the biscuit must have been on the dollar menu and 89 cents for the small coffee.

As I studied the receipt I was surprised that they had abbreviated small coffee as SNR coffee.  As I puzzled over it a bolt of realization hit my brain.  "WHAT?! They gave me a SENIOR coffee" at 49 cents.  "How dare they?"  "I didn't order a senior coffee!"  "What possibly would make them assume that I was a senior?" (though I guess I am).

This was just totally unacceptable!  It must be this practical trench coat I'm wearing.  I sat there debating whether I should march right up and DEMAND that I pay FULL price for small coffee.  Or, better, was this my invitation to get a leather coat to replace the practical trench.  As I munched my biscuit and sipped my HOT :) coffee the quandry really messed with my head but why would I choose to pay more for my coffee?

The next morning I decided to do it again.  Again, they gave me a SNR coffee without me asking for it.  Oh, this is just NOT good!

Being the glutton for punishment I can be sometimes be I decided to go for day 3.  I do love those biscuits! 

After getting my food and examining the receipt I found that they had given me and charged me for a SMALL coffee.  All was right with me. I was looking GOOD!  It was going to be a GOOD DAY.


Forest Parks said...

Ha ha ha ha, well that'll teach you for eating at that mega corp ;).

I don't eat there anymore although I used to love their egg muffins in my early 20s. I worked out I could replicate them at home simply by using the cheapest nastiest cheese from the supermarket and pairing it with a normal egg and english muffin.


Practical Parsimony said...

LOL...I don't mind getting senior anything. However, one day I asked for a senior something. The woman bristled and hissed through her teeth, "That is only for seniors." I bristled back."I am a senior." That was my only brush with an ego builder.

When I was taking a class, I could quality for "student" or "senior."

I am glad you were finally vindicated.